empowerment rehabilitation


Athletic Therapy can help get you where you want to be. Yoga and 1:1 Training can help keep you there.

01 Athletic Therapy


Initial assessments include a full musculoskeletal exam including static and dynamic postures, range of motion assessments, muscle testing, and utilizing movement screens as required. After findings are reviewed,  manual therapy and corrective exercises are provided as necessary.

Follow up appointments include manual therapy, exercises, and reassessments as needed. Home programs will be provided and updated each appointment to maintain.

Athletic Therapy is covered by Manitoba Public Insurance, Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba, and many private insurance companies.

Conditions commonly treated include neck, back and joint pain, sprains, strains, tendinopathies, plantar fasciitis, hip or shoulder impingement, sciatica, (osteo)arthrtitis, post surgical conditions, and many others.


02 Personal Training

This one-on-one fitness training session will have you coached for 60 minutes, including warm up, strength work-out and conditioning. Your program will be designed based specifically for you and your goals, based on objective measures (movement screen). Packages are available to facilitate you reaching your goals. These sessions can take place at your home, your gym, or the clinic.

Online training is great for distance clients, frequent travellers, or individuals with changing schedules,  as you work through a personally designed work-out in your own space, on your own time.

Personal Training in Winnipeg - Megan Pomeransky

03 Yoga

Yoga can be used to facilitate improvements in mobility, strength, and overall health and fitness. It’s also great for relaxation, and calming the body and mind. We can workshop specific postures that you may be having trouble with, or haven’t been taught, or I can guide you through a vinyasa style private class.


04 Movement screening

Great for athletes or teams wanting baseline and follow up testing throughout in or off season training, or individuals looking to make their training/rehab programs more specific with objective measures.

Can include components of Functional Movement Screen, Selective Functional Movement Assessment, and/or Y Balance test, among others.

Results will be documented and a copy provided.


05 on-field care


On a per-hour basis, first aid and emergency care service is provided for sporting events

- Practice/Game/Competition coverage includes pre/during/post event care of athletes. Injury report forms will be provided to the athlete/staff/parents.  

- Taping Only coverage includes taping services on-site prior to an event.