I want to bring you the best possible care. Throughout my career, I have taken numerous continuing education course so that I am up to date, and have options available to you. Click the links below for more information!
Functional Movement Systems Winnipeg - Megan Pomeransky

Functional Movement Systems includes numerous screening tools, depending on training stage, injury history, or current rehabilitation status.

I am certified in the following courses and levels:
- Functional Movement Screen (level 1 and 2)
- Selective Functional Movement Assessment (level 1 and 2)
- Y Balance Test


A science and evidence based treatment approach to manual therapy, corrective exercise, and training.

I am certified in the following ares:
- FR Release Upper Limb
- FR Release Lower Limb
- FR Release Spine
- Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist


Mulligan Mobilization Techniques with Movement are a simple and effective way of improving joint mechanics, and decreasing pain.

I am trained in lower body, pelvis, and (some) spinal techniques.


Chronic pain is a rapidly increasing condition, and I want to help you understand what your body is experiencing.

If you have persisting or unexplained pain, this method may be for you (in full, in part, or in combination).

I am trained in an evidence based approach to evaluate the pain experience, help you understand the science behind pain, and safely assist you through strategies to help regain control and optimism about quality of life.

I’m committed to your commitment and readiness to understand the truth about pain.

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Winnipeg - Megan Pomeransky

Developed at the Prague School of Rehab (Czech Republic), DNS is a basis for any rehabilitation or training program. Based on principles of respiration, stabilization, and integration, incorporating this technique into your program with the help of a Certified DNS Exercise Trainer (like me!) can decrease injury risk and improve performance.



Vinyasa Yoga uses breath and movement to link postures into a series.
I completed a 250 hour vinyasa yoga teacher training, and am excited to be able to offer individual or group classes, as well as incorporate the practice into athletic therapy and training sessions.

While the vinyasa practice can be used to enhance flexibility and strength, it can also be used specifically for meditative purposes.

Vinyasa yoga dates back numerous years, and is widely growing as a physical, mental, and spiritual health practice.

Kinstretch Winnipeg - MP Athletic Therapy

Kinstretch is a scientific, evidence based system that includes a self-assessment system to put you in control of what you want your body to be able to do.

Why Kinstretch?

- Improve body control and movement capacity
- Improve strength
- Reduce injury severity and risk
- Improve joint health
- Improve physical longevity
- Help you monitor your own body

Kinstretch sessions can be tailored to any level.

It can be a 1:1 or group class, and is used in rehabilitation programs.