"What exercise should I do?"

If you ask anyone via text or the internet, what exercise you should be doing for the “best hip mobility” or to “loosen your back”, to “get ready for baseball season” or “prevent injury after surgery”, the answer you’ll probably get is going to be either 1 of 100 options pulled out of thin air. Or, if the therapist/trainer is smart, they won’t tell you anything at all. Which is the way it should be!

I’m not a fan of generic workouts for anyone, nevermind if you have a history of injury, or current pain or dysfunction.


First of all, every single human being on the planet is different. And that’s lovely.
So don’t let a random internet person tell you how many sets and reps to do of an exercise, or program lunges 3x a week if you simply hate lunges.

There are SO many exercise options in the world. For general fitness, it’s important to just find a balance of things that include lifting some weights, and things that get your heart rate up. Perfect world, 30ish minutes a day is solid.

If you do have an injury, history of injury, some pain or discomfort, or have had surgery a generic program is the complete opposite of what you should be doing. Eric Cressy had some wonderful points on instagram, so I highly recommend following his page, and reading through comment discussions. But your mechanics might change (temporary or permanently), your nervous system might be hypersensitive and throwing out false alarms, and you’ll need to respect some changes to physiology, tissue healing, and remodelling. You might (or might not), need some particular exercises or stretches, but you’ll for sure need some information on risk vs reward, and explanations as to why your program should be the way it is.


Basically, your body has always been deserving of personalized care, so that you can maximize how you feel. Exercise should make you feel good, capable, and strong.

If you’ve had any sort of injury, please seek out an opinion from someone who’s qualified to give it, before jumping onto youtube or buying a pre-made program from an online trainer. Rehab and training overlap quite a bit, and you deserve the best, personalized care out there.