6 years.

6 years ago in October I started my first “real job” in the AT field.
I’ve worked on CJFL football field, in the polyclinic at national events, with professional hockey players, and CIS baseball and volleyball players. Ive been in a multidisciplinary clinic and working alongside strength coaches on the regular.


But, my heart really lies in in the private practice of the sport medicine world. I think around 75% of my practice is spent working with people who have been in car accidents or work injuries, are post-surgical of some sort, have chronic musculoskeletal pain or medically-unexplained pain.

(probably partly because of personal empathy, and really smart role models who have taken care of me!)

So, it worked out great that within the past couple of weeks, a really amazing opportunity was presented to me. Tuesday and Thursday mornings I’m at Prairie Trail Medical Centre working alongside and assisting a sport med physician. I get to do patient consults, learn more about pathology, physiology, pharmacology and radiology, spend time on patient education, and just do something different and fun.

I’m still in private practice AT the rest of the time, so hit me up :)

Megan Pomarensky