Stretching, Chiro, and Athletic Therapy

Guest blog post by Dr. Manny Saini

No matter what your specific area of complaint is when you visit a Chiropractor, all physical examinations have a range of motion (ROM) component with it. The reason for this is to help us see and pinpoint if your ROM for a specific area (e.g. Cervical Spine) is within normal limits.

We do an active and a passive ROM. With passive ROM, we can feel where a joint in restricted in a specific direction. An adjustment helps increase your ROM in regards to where the joint restriction is. After an adjustment I always recommend exercises and stretches for the patient to do at home maintain the ROM and strengthen/stretch the muscles surrounding the joint.

The worst the thing to do after getting adjusted is to not move at all! Sometimes patient’s are worried that if they move the joint even a little bit they will go back to how they were. That isn’t necessarily the case. If you don’t mobilize the joint you run the risk of having increased stiffness which decreases your ROM.  

This is why it’s beneficial to see an Athletic Therapist and a Chiropractor together. Athletic Therapists are experts when it comes to exercises and can make a specific exercise routine for you regarding your treatment with a Chiropractor!

Megan Pomarensky