What I'm Learning from Instagram (part 2)

Mike Reinold is a Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer, and Strength and Conditioning Specialist...a holy trinity, in my books ;)

While a lot of content is targeted towards baseball, it's one of the most educational assessment pages I've come across. A lot of posts on the usual exercises and stretches or mobility work that's very common, but also a secret gold mine for assessment tests and info!

I was recently scrolling back through my saved posts, and realized how much he actually posts. There are an insane amount of special tests  out there  (17 variations for an ACL tear in one textbook comes to mind as a great example...),  but the think I like about his posts is that not only is it a quick synopsis of the structure and anatomy, he brings a lot of clinical relevance to it by demonstrating an actual positive finding, explains how/why he may modify either patient or examiner position, and a lot of cool tips and interesting facts.

Some of the most helpful ones lately for me are posts on:
belly press test (i feel like everyone only ever talks about subscapularis lift off?)
- what slap tear test to use and when (really a webinar but still super good)
hip micro-instability (never really learned in school, but I wonder if it would have been positive on me)
- joint position during shoulder lag sign at 90 degrees
shoulder shrug sign (variation for painful arc)
medial meniscus in FABER (20x easier to palpate MJL)
shoulder posterior drawer (i wish someone taught me this before attempting load and shift on a beefy football player)
- links to inconclusivity of ice debate
- and this is just really cool neck flexion dynamic MRI clip
- also i'm throwing this posture one in because it fits with all my social media rants lately

He also does similar posts for manual techniques and it's amazing and I kind of wish he taught my skills labs. but at least i get to use his wonderful ideas to make me a better teacher now, so it's still a win :)

But seriously - I hope all my therapist friends check out this page. I've followed him for yeaaaars (i think since I went to Boston for 10 days of con-ed in 2015 which was one of the best trips ever... maybe sooner?)

Check him and his team out before i just link to his whole insta feed on here ;)



Megan Pomarensky